Join me on my journey as I learn to make my very first website. On this website you will learn more about my magnificent personality. I will be posting my progress with web design as well. The projects will increase with skill and difficulty. My hope is to create something that will be worthy of the Internet. At this point, I'll settle for something from 1996!

I am currently a graduate student at Texas State University. I would say that being a graduate student basically defines who I am right now. I'm still looking for that career opportunity that will give me direction in my life. I am happy right now and focused on learning as much as I can from the graduate program at Texas State. I recently presented at the AEJMC conference held in Minneapolis Minnesota. It was the farthest north I have ever been in my life. I was there with a few of my group members and I am very proud of the work we accomplished with our paper. That conference gave me the boost I needed in confidence to ensure that I was on the right path. When I was at the poster session everything felt correct. I know now that this is something I was meant to do. Before this I wasn't even sure I should be in graduate school. At this point I'm trying to make myself better. This website should improve immensely and I hope you continue to monitor my progress.


Television is one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy watching all kinds of shows. I have subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGO. The comedy shows I'm watching right now are:

The dramas that I'm going to be watching soon are:

Empire doesn't get enough credit for how great it is despite the constraints of broadcast networks like Fox. Westworld won't start until October. It looks to be the next great drama from HBO. HBO is so good at what they do it's stupid. I can't wait to see what will come from the dystopian sci-fi drama.


At the beginning of this year I made a pledge to read two books a month for a year. I am happy to say that I haven't made that progress. I have actually managed to read 8 books this year. I'm currently reading A Tale of Two Cities. I never got to read the book in high school like most people. I haven't had a set list of books I'm going to read. I have been just jumping from fiction to non-fiction. My favorite non-fiction I've read this year is Now It Can Be Told by Sir Philip Gibbs. He was a war correspondent during World War 1 for the British Empire. It's fascinating, especially for someone who likes military history. My favorite fiction book this year would be The Man in the High Castle. It has actually been adapted into a TV series on Amazon Prime. The novel is an alternative history about a world in which the Nazis and the Japanese Empire won World War 2. It is set in the U.S. that has now been divided into two countries each occupied and run by the Axis powers.

Video Games

I have been playing video games my entire life. I have always wanted to continue playing for as long as I can. I don't spend hours at a time playing like I used to, but I find time to play enough.

Right now I'm playing:

ESO No Man's Sky

I was disappointed with NMS, but not as much as other people. It just needs more content than what it has now. ESO is something that I can play regularly and have only recently gotten back into it. I used to play a lot and genuinely love the Elder Scrolls franchise overall. I consider that game series to be the best of my lifetime and is certainly my favorite of all time. I also play Destiny, but not as much as I used to either. I am waiting for the next expansion to release. Games that I will playing in the future:

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Rise of Iron